This recently revamped and renovated museum highlights the roots of Singapore's different ethnic groups and the various cultures and civilisations of Asia.


Travel through 5000 years of Asian cultures with the help of our friendly guides.

Highlight tour permanent collection:

Monday - Friday - 11am, 2pm

Daily Lunch Time Tours at 12:30 pm
Monday 12.30pm: Ancient Religions
Tuesday 12.30pm: Tang Shipwreck
Wednesday 12.30pm: Trade Galleries
Thursday 12.30pm: Scholar's' Studio
Friday 12.30pm: Ceramics gallery

English: Gallery in Focus (GIF) Tours
Permanent Collection/Individual Gallery as indicated
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Every Monday 1pm

Storytelling Tour (as part of Saturdays@ACM)
1st Saturday of the month 3pm

Japanese: Highlight Tours
Permanent Collection
Tuesday to Friday - 10.30am

2nd Saturday of the Month - 1.30pm

Spanish : Highlight Tours

2nd Thursday of the month

Korean: Highlight Tours

1st Wednesday of the month

French: Highlight Tours

3rd Thursday of the month