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Do you enjoy looking at and learning about textiles? The Textile Enthusiasts Group (TEG) was formed to support and foster interest in Asian textiles.

Events for TEG members are held monthly from September-May. We invite specialist speakers and practitioners, make visits to textile-related locations, and offer 'hands-on' experiences and demonstrations, for example, in weaving or natural dyes. A popular annual event is 'Shared Passion', a show-and-tell event where members introduce a textile they own and talk about how it was made, how it was or is used, and the story behind its acquisition. 

You don't need to be an expert to enjoy TEG activities; as our name suggests, we are enthusiasts. We welcome newcomers, so if you're new to Singapore or to FOM, do join one of FOM's most active interest groups. If you'd like to join our volunteer committee, please email for more details.

Please note that the TEG annual membership fee of $30 is in addition to annual FOM membership fee and runs from September to May of the following year. All TEG events will be held via Zoom unless expressly mentioned otherwise.

*Not to certain how to use the activity sign up system click here for full information.


Aditi Mann & Jyoti Ramesh

TEG is always open to suggestions for textile-related events, exhibitions, and speakers. Textile collectors, artisans and aficionados...We'd love to hear from you!

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