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FOM's Study Tours are educational by definition. They offer a wide range of travel experiences in order to expand members' understanding of Asian cultures.

While each itinerary is meticulously planned by a tour leader, all participants have a role to play. Each participant is expected to do a preparatory reading on a topic related to the country they are visiting, and to make a brief presentation to the group at the pre-trip meeting or on the trip itself. (The tour leader will provide a list of suggested topics.)

Pre-trip meetings serve a dual purpose as they are not only informative and fun but also provide a good way of getting to know own's fellow travelers before commencing the tour. The study aspect of our tours is what makes them unique and memorable.

All of our tour leaders are FOM members who have participated in a minimum of one Study Tour before becoming a tour leader. Some tour leaders have extensive tour leader experience and are very knowledgeable in their field. Our tour leaders usually spend the better part of six to nine months organizing a tour.

All FOM tours include a contribution to the FOM General Fund.


Abha D. Kaul


  • Note: Participants are confirmed on a first-come basis, based on the order in which the registration and required documents are received.   FOM members who are living in Singapore and have not been on a FOM Study Tour in the previous two years (from the date of the upcoming Study Tour) have priority during the first week of the registration period. After the first week, those who have been on a Study Tour in the previous two years and overseas members may register.

Other info:

  • If you are interested in leading an FOM study tour, please contact our Study Tour Coordinator
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