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A Study Group consists of 10 to 16 members who meet weekly to enhance their knowledge of a specific theme.   Each week, we have two 40 minute presentations; each one researched and given by a member of the study group.  Members choose their own topic within the theme.

The Study Group provides a wonderful opportunity to meet and enjoy the diverse FOM membership.  We usually have the meetings in our homes, taking turns to host.  On occasion, we also enjoy a pot luck lunch after the presentations. 

Do not fear if your first language is not English; we are patient and appreciate the viewpoints of our members from all over the world.  We can also support you if you are new to making presentations and need some help with PowerPoint or Google slides.


Kim Arnold

  • For more information, please read our FAQ  sheet.
  • Guidelines for Study Group Members (updated 2016) here.
  • Contact the Coordinators for further queries.


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