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私達ミュージアム日本語ガイドグループは、Friends of the Museumsに所属し、シンガポール国立博物館(NMS)、アジア文明博物館(ACM)、シンガポール美術館(SAM)、プラナカン博物館(TPM)にて、日本語によるボランティアガイドを行っております。



The Japanese docents training program prepares new members to guide four museums in Singapore. The Japanese Docents’ goal is to build a friendly bridge between Singapore and Japan by introducing the history, culture and art of Singapore to Japanese visitors.


Yukiko Kozu
Ikumi Fushimi


Docent training programmes and our recruitment are announced on our official blog and Facebook in Japanese.

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How to apply for Japanese Docent Training:

You are required to attend our Enrolment breifing before applying online.

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