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The Salome De Decker Award

About Salome De Decker

This award in her name is presented each year to an FOM volunteer who has quietly and positively given time and skills to the Society and who "models" the values to which we all aspire-teamwork, respect, giving freely, growing through service to others. Salome provided the criteria for nominating and selecting each recipient. She respected all volunteerism and recognised that the majority of volunteers work quietly, without seeking status or recognition. The recipients should be FOM volunteers who: have volunteered within FOM for a minimum of 12 months; whose contributions have been valuable in terms of quantity and quality; who have volunteered within the 'spirit' of FOM team work, respecting others, giving freely, growing through volunteering; and volunteers who do not hold key positions in the Society and who do not seek status or recognition at the time the award is presented. She believed each recipient receives the award on their own merit and would represent the many others who contribute in the same way. 

The Artist: Chua Boon Kee

Taken from a sculpture created in 2006 by artist Chua Boon Kee (b 1953, Singapore) entitled 'Gratitude', the “恩” (ēn . Grace) character was commissioned to be used as the award trophy for the Salome De Decker Volunteer Recognition Award in 2018. According to the artist, the base is akin to a sea while the two forms (i.e. Chinese characters) atop represent two boats. One character symbolised the act of giving while the other character symbolise the act of receiving.

Recipients Of The Salome De Decker Award