The Singapore Art Museum houses the national art collection of Singapore and has the largest collection in 20th-century Southeast Asian art by a public institution. Dedicated to the collection and display of 20th and 21st century Singapore and Southeast Asian modern and contemporary art, the museums also hosts exciting temporary exhibitions.

8Q SAM is a contemporary art space with fresh, multi-disciplinary, interactive and community-oriented programming; a place where the public can directly experience the work and ideas of living artists,in relation to its aesthetic and social context. 8Q SAM is located directly across the street from SAM at 8 Queen Street. Its opening hours are the same as the Singapore Art Museum.


Our friendly volunteer guides will take you on a tour of the highlights of this popular museum, after which you can browse at your leisure.

Monday to Friday- 11am, 2pm
Friday - 7pm

Friday- 7.45pm

Tuesday to Friday- 10.30am