Uncover the rare, unusual or intriguing with FOM members in Singapore.

Curio offers spontaneous opportunities from an evening at the theatre to discovering the best kaya toast. Join us for one or as many activities as excite you.

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FOM Foodies
Date & Time: 01 January 2017, 12:00am - 11:59pm

FOM Foodies are currently full; Please use the sign up sheet if you are interested in the group. We will put you on the wait list.

Experience and learn about the diverse food culture of Singapore by sharing lunch with Friends at restaurants, hawker centres, food courts and markets. We will meet at 12:30pm on the first Thursday of each month.

Cost: $20 annual registration fee to join the group.  Members pay for their own meals.

Group size will be limited to a total of 16 people.

Contact the Coordinator, Gisella Harrold, if you have any questions.

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Photography Workshop – Maximising the camera on your Mobile Phone
Date & Time: 01 March 2017, 12:00am - 11:59pm

From still photos to videos, editing and posting on Instagram or Facebook, this workshop will teach you how to make the most out of your phone’s camera.  

Date: Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Time: From 10am to 2:30pm

Instructor: Lester Ledesma, award winning professional photographer.

Class size: 12 maximum

Cost: $150 (includes a light lunch)

FOM Coordinator: Gisella Harrold

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Special Film Screening
Date & Time: 01 March 2017, 12:00am - 11:59pm

Date:  Thursday, 4 May 2017

Time:   7pm to 9:30pm

Place:   Vagabond Hotel, Syed Alwi Road, Singapore

The Film:   ‘Under the Turban’, a documentary released in October 2016.

'What makes me a Sikh?' This question posed by nine year old Zara Garcha starts a family’s journey to learn about their religion. The Garcha family explores Sikhism, by visiting diverse Sikh communities around the world. Visiting with maharajas, cheesemakers, fashionistas, farmers and scholars to glean a better understanding of the world’s fifth largest religion.

Their journey begins in Parma where they meet Sikhs who have a hand in creating Italy’s iconic Parmesan cheese. From there the Garcha family heads east traveling to The Golden Temple in Sikhism’s holy city, Amritsar, learning about the historical foundations and social history of the religion.

Lived experience blends with academic insight as the family travels to the United Kingdom, Argentina, Canada and America gaining a better understanding of these modern Sikh communities and the fundamental aspects of this often misunderstood religion.

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There will be a Q&A session with the Director after the film.      

Cost: $25 includes one glass of wine or soft drink & nibbles.

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